Easy Scholarships to Apply For

easy scholarships to apply for
Easy to Apply Scholarships

When you apply for college scholarships, you want to focus most of your attention on the easy scholarships to apply for. Despite popular myth and legend, the easy scholarships aren’t a waste of your time and they certainly aren’t “worthless” as some say. Rather, they are merely the type that offer low amounts of money, but only take a small portion of your time to complete. There quick and easy scholarships to apply to.

Many prospective students overlook these easy scholarships to apply for because they think they’re not worth their time and they should only be focusing on the large scholarships. This school of thought couldn’t be further from the truth – in reality, the time it takes to apply to these easy college scholarships is a fraction compared to the larger ones that often require multiple essays, recommendations, and other paperwork. More and more, students are realizing that just because a easy scholarship offers a smaller reward, doesn’t mean it’s worthless. In fact, there are thousands of easy to get scholarships that are available simply for being in a club, for being a certain race, or achieving a certain goal. While these easy college scholarships might only offer $500-$1000, they are obviously worth your time and effort.

As a general rule of thumb, as more scholarships are handed out, the easier it may be to receive one. For example, imagine that there is a easy college scholarship offered for simply getting a 3.0 grade point average and other easy scholarship criteria. The sponsors of the scholarships are probably going to hand out plenty of scholarships because they know many students have a 3.0 GPA – in this manner it will be easier to get a scholarship because there are more of them available.

Sticking with our example, imagine a new sponsor offers a scholarship to those with a 3.8 GPA or above – something that most students simply don’t have. Naturally, the sponsor is going to put out a limited number of these hard scholarships, so they will be harder to come by. This is a general example to illustrate a point. Look for the easy scholarships to apply for that hand out the most scholarships and not just one or two per year. There’s greater potential with larger numbers in the easy to get scholarships.

Another tip that most students fail to realize is that easy scholarships can offer large amounts of money, but they can also be easy scholarships to apply for; and sponsors set them up just this way. Oftentimes, the expensive scholarships are known for having extremely long application processes, often requiring over a week of your time. They make you write essays, gather recommendations, and answer a whole plethora of questions. However, keep this in mind: just because a scholarship has a long and arduous application process doesn’t mean it’s worth your time or that it offers a high amount of money. Many scholarships have very simple and quick applications while still offering large sums of tuition money.

With the advent of the Internet, more and more students are now applying for scholarships online. While this is great, keep in mind that many scholarships like to advertise themselves as taking only “20 minutes” or “an hour” to complete, but end up taking closer to 8 hours to complete.

Also, beware of scholarships that ask for too much personal information, but aren’t reputable. Oftentimes, hackers and fraudsters will pose as legitimate sponsors looking to hand out their so called easy to apply scholarships. However, the forms they ask you complete often ask for sensitive information such as your social security number, address and even bank account numbers. If you find yourself filling out this information, stop immediately and report the scholarship as fraudulent.

Many students turn down applying to easy scholarships, but in reality they are the easiest money you can get for college. Most only take an hour to complete and can net you as much as $2000. Many scholarships that are easy also have easy prerequisites, such as being a minority or just entering college for the first time so your eligible to apply to it. Use these facts to your advantage when looking to finance your college education and save your self time in the long run.

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