NSHSS Scholarships Easy to Get

NSHSS Scholarships

Every year the NSHSS scholarships offered by the National Society of High School Scholars has multiple awards to members of the organization. While not all NSHSS scholarships can be considered easy scholarships, some individual programs offer multiple awards making them easier than some other programs to get a scholarship through. Also, taken as an overall group, NSHSS scholarships offers a lot of different opportunities to young people who are looking for financial assistance, making being a member of the organization a great benefit for those looking for easy scholarships.

Programs like the Claes Nobel Academic NSHSS scholarship and the National Scholar awards are two examples of opportunities which award multiple entrants and thus increase an individual’s chance to get access to aid. These programs are merit based in most cases, and students will need to have an excellent academic record in order to get an award as well as have leadership experiences in various groups. To fully maximize the entire NSHSS scholarship system students will need to treat the entire set of programs as an easy scholarship with multiple parts, applying to every program to which they are eligible. If done correctly a student will have up to twelve different programs to which they have applied to, and if applying under particular programs, even more. If a student does not have the time to go through this, or is otherwise unwilling to apply for every eligible program, they would be encouraged to apply to the Claes Nobel NSHSS scholarship which is a program with many potential winners making it an easy scholarship compared to other NSHSS programs.

To get it out of the way for those students who are looking only for a potentially single easy scholarship from NSHSS, the Claes Nobel NSHSS scholarship gives out $5,000 each year to a varying number of students. Semi-finalists involved in the program also have an opportunity to be enrolled in the National Scholar Award which gives out $2,500 to winning students. Normally around 100 semi-finalists will place, and of them a variable large number will received the National Scholar Award. This is an easy scholarship to get entirely because the number of awards given out and the chances an applicant has to receive financial aid. In order to be eligible for this NSHSS scholarship, students will need to be members of the organization, planning to enroll in college after graduation at a four year school, and have a 3.5 grade point average. The deadline for this program is April 1 of every year. Students who are not interested in applying to other NSHSS scholarships are advised to at least apply for this program.

In order to treat the NSHSS scholarship program as a whole as a simple scholarship system, students will need to go down the list of projects and find out which ones they will be eligible for. Basic criteria for these programs generally involve having a high grade point average (3.5 being a general average) and being a member of the organization. Other programs, such as the Robert P. Sheppard Award, will require that students have strong commitments to volunteer activities, showing leadership through participation in such groups. This leadership scholarship gives out $2,500 to students who display strong leadership. Applications are due no later than February 21.

Not all NSHSS scholarships close at the same time, so students will need to pay close attention to the programs they are interested in applying for so that they can have their application material finished by an appropriate time. For instance, the Academic Paper NSHSS scholarship closes on May 1 of every year. Another conceivably easy scholarship, giving out multiple $250 awards every year, requires students to send a paper which has been formally submitted for a class and has academic merit. The topic must involve research, analysis or original prose. Not only are multiple awards given out every year, but having already completed the work for this easy scholarship makes the entire process even simpler. Applying to many of the NSHSS scholarship programs will open up an immense amount of easy scholarships which students should not avoid missing out on.

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