Harvard Minority Scholarships Easy to Get

Harvard Minority Scholarships

Though a university that has long been the source of many jokes about graduating rich, white elites, Harvard University has been making great strides in the last fifty years to encourage a minority presence on its campus. To this end there are a number of Harvard minority scholarships easy to get which have been established in an effort to promote minority membership in its community while also making the historically very expensive university more affordable.

If a student has graduated from high school and has both the grade point average and extracurricular activities needed to get a positive enrollment response from Harvard, but are also from a minority background, the university will not only bend over backwards to try and get that student in the door but has also try to make sure some funding exists to help keep them at the school.

The Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program established 25 years ago at Harvard works directly with Harvard’s admissions department to recruit the best minds and talent it can from minority populations and interested students have been paying attention. Of course Harvard is still a difficult college to get into and competition amongst students from all walks of life is high. This translates over into Harvard minority scholarships which, while offer great monetary awards, are not available to every person who sends in an application. Students interested in going to Harvard and gaining access to a Harvard minority scholarship are going to need strong academic marks, an excellent record with regards to their personal pursuits and a strong ability to express their lives in an essay so that they can impress the selection committee. If you fit all these requirements, Harvard scholarships are easy to get.

Harvard scholarships for minority students are available for students from diverse backgrounds. The Native American William Jones Memorial Fund is focused heavily on making financial aid available to those students who are descended from a Native American Heritage. Students who can show proof of Native American blood or have an interest in anthropology are eligible to apply for this Harvard scholarship, with the requirement of being a Harvard student being a given. This minority scholarship provides for up to one full year of tuition to a single student. On a similar topic, the William Stoughton Bequest provides for tuition funding for a year to a student who is from Dorchester, Mattapan or Milton, Massachusetts. If a suitable applicant is not found the award is given to a student of Native American descent.

The Allen D. and Marion L. Rubin Scholarship Fund was established to provide funding for those students who adhere to the Jewish faith. In order to be eligible for this Harvard minority scholarship program all applying students must clearly demonstrate clear leadership qualities either in their community activity or through school organizations. Interested students should also have a fantastic academic record and able to specify their future career interests.

Other Harvard scholarships for minority students offered by the school include the Ayala and Eugenio Lopez Scholarship Funds which give preference to students from the Philippines. If such a student is not available then preference is give to Asian nationals, American students of Filipino descent and then finally students of Filipino or Asian history. These minority Harvard scholarships provide for tuition to students who are able to win an award through the respective programs.

Harvard minority scholarships require a good amount of work from students who are interested in receiving an award from an individual program, but when it comes to simple student aid to an awesome university, easy scholarships couldn’t get easier. There are no individual application forms to fill out as students will be able to apply for these Harvard scholarships by visiting Harvard’s financial aid office and picking up a scholarship application form. This form enrolls students automatically into any program which they may be eligible for and their relevant application materials are then forwarded on to the appropriate offices. Of course this makes stopping into the university’s financial aid office the most critical step of all, so students should not hesitate and be sure to make it to this office as soon as possible. All material regarding financial aid must be submitted to the financial aid office for new students no later than February 4 and March 11 for students returning to the university.

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